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Our Story


Leave behind the subpar pontoons and elevate your experience by reserving one of our state-of-the-art luxury boats


The beginnings

As young entrepreneurs, most people are curious about how we got started so early in such a competitive and unique market. I wish I could say it was easy, but it has been a long and incredible journey that includes blood, sweat, persistence, and pure determination. The crazy thing is that we are both from TN, but we met 6 years ago in Destin, FL. We quickly became great friends with like-minded goals; it was then only a matter of time until we would create something spectacular.


Putting It Together

Obviously, the first 2 years were extremely difficult building a business from scratch. We would continuously work every day. Then miraculously, the 3rd year we finally became profitable.

Offering unparalleled water experiences across the Emerald Coast

The Next Best thing in watersports

Voted top 10 best thing to do in Destin

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